Split image of Ralph van Raat sitting at a piano and a portrait of Gloria Cheng posed

Celebrating Pierre Boulez 1925-2025

UCLA student on sale: Sep 1, 2024

It’s not just that Ms. Cheng plays these daunting pieces with such commanding technique, color and imagination. She has brought together works that fascinatingly complement one another.—New York Times

I enjoy Van Raat on recording, but given the chance to hear him again live, I would run, not walk.Christian B. Carey, Musical America

Celebrate the centennial of Pierre Boulez, the unparalleled French composer, conductor, and cultural visionary, with a captivating duo piano recital. Born on March 26, 1925, Boulez transformed post-war contemporary music, leaving an indelible mark on the 20th century. His extensive conducting career and foundational role in institutions like Paris's Cité de la Musique and IRCAM highlight his monumental influence. 

Pianists Gloria Cheng and Ralph van Raat pay homage to Boulez's legacy, intertwining their talents to perform not only his compositions but also works by Magnus Lindberg, Morton Feldman and Frank Zappa. This selection celebrates Boulez's broad musical connections, from his well-documented mutual respect with Zappa to his complex relationship with Feldman, offering a profound reflection on his impact and the cross-pollination of musical ideas across generations.

Pierre Boulez: Structures Livre 1, 1a (1952)
Boulez: Scherzo (1945) 
Magnus Lindberg: Play (1979)
Boulez: Structures 1b
Morton Feldman: Two Pianos I (1957)
Boulez: Courtes dérives à partir d’Éclat (1996)
Boulez: Structures 1c
Frank Zappa: Ruth Is Sleeping (1992)
Igor Stravinsky: Sonata for Two Pianos (1935)

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