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Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol


*This program will be performed in Spanish with English supertitles
UCLA student on sale: Sep 1, 2024

Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol is a flock of artists. Their latest project, Centroamérica unfolds from the compelling story of a Nicaraguan woman fleeing Daniel Ortega's dictatorship, sparking a deep dive into the region's heart. This project, encapsulating a play and a publication, explores Central America's rich tapestry and Mexico's overlooked connection to it. Through historical insights and a narrative centered on the present, we unveil the diversity, conflict, and resilience of these distant neighbors. From the Darien Gap's dense jungles to militarized borders influenced by the US, the project reflects on shared futures, revolutions, and the relentless spirit of its people. Join us in reimagining Central America beyond its stigmas and premonitions.

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