Counterpoint performed on stage

Conrad Tao & Caleb Teicher


“Together, [Conrad Tao and Caleb Teicher] create magic onstage.” — San Diego Union Tribune

Counterpoint is a collaboration between pianist and composer Conrad Tao and choreographer and dancer Caleb Teicher, whose previous Bessie Award-winning collaboration was lauded by The New York Times as “constantly extending the sonic aspects of dance.”

Harmonic, rhythmic, and theatrical, the duo explores the dichotomy of their different artistic practices, expanding their individual expressive capacity through a collective experience. 

The stylistically diverse music of Counterpoint includes the Aria from Bach’s Goldberg Variations, Art Tatum’s demented stride piano, Arnold Schoenberg’s ironic take on the Viennese waltz, a delicate miniature from Tao and Teicher’s More Forever, and threading it all together, a work that bridges traditions, approaches, and styles — Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.

Funds provided by the Roslyn Holt Swartz & Allan J. Swartz Endowment for the Performing Arts.

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