Performs from 'The Little Syria Show' pose for a photo

Omar Offendum: The Little Syria Show

Demonstration Performance 
Grades 9-12

Syrian-American rapper / spoken word artist Omar Offendum has created a genre-bridging performance, featuring live music by Ronnie Malley on the oud and piano, and DJ beats by Thanks Joey.

Blending Hip-Hop, Arabic instrumentation, and oral storytelling traditions, The Little Syria Show reimagines early 20th-century life in the heart of Arab-America. The Lower Manhattan neighborhood once known as Little Syria (c.1880 -1940) was home to artists and intellectuals, a cultural hub for New York’s Middle Eastern immigrants.  This creative retelling of a tragically underrepresented history explores immigration, xenophobia, and the elusive “American dream.”

Funds provided by the Sally & William A. Rutter Endowment for the Performing Arts.

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