Perla Batalla stands against a blue wall

Perla Batalla

Demonstration Performance
Grades 3-5

“Batalla tells an engaging story with each song she sings.”  Los Angeles Times

Grammy-nominated Perla Batalla was born in Los Angeles to a family immersed in music. Perla’s Mexican father was a mariachi singer and D.J. while her Argentine mother ran the family’s bustling record shop, “Discoteca Batalla,” where Perla was exposed to a non-stop musical education. Classically and operatically trained, Perla earned international recognition as a back-up singer for Leonard Cohen. Emerging as a powerful solo performer in her own right, Perla is known for her distinctive voice, emotional honesty and culture-merging compositions.

In this program for young audiences, Perla will share songs and stories from growing up in the family business surrounded by Spanish language music, and explore how music can be a source of connection, inspiration, healing and joy.

Funds provided by the José Luis Nazar Endowment for the Performing Arts and the Sally & William A. Rutter Endowment for the Performing Arts.