Inua Ellams sits on a stool on stage and speaks into a microphone

Inua Ellams

Search Party

UCLA student on sale: Sep 1, 2024

Like his theatrical work, Search Party shows Ellams’s versatility and fearlessness as an artist who’s willing to take risks, especially in a show like this, which by its nature will never be the same twice.Theater Mania

Award-winning poet and playwright Inua Ellams (Barber Shop Chronicles, The Half-God of Rainfall) brings his chaotic, audience-led poetry event to The Nimoy. Search Party is a unique interactive experience where the boundary between artist and audience blurs into a dynamic act of creation. Ellams uses a lifetime of writings, from poems to plays and essays, all meticulously indexed and stored within his electronic tablet. Choose a word, any word, and watch as he navigates his vast archive, uncovering gems of written art — whether polished masterpieces or intriguing works-in-progress. 

Inspired by audience suggestions and open dialogue, this spontaneous performance transforms each session and is a modern call and response, a nod to the origins of storytelling with a decidedly futuristic twist. Join us for an evening where stories unfold in real-time, guided by the collective curiosity of the artist and his audience.

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