Wu Man performs on stage in front of a blue background

Wu Man

Demonstration Performance
Grades 6-12

Called “the Jimi Hendrix of the pipa” by NPR and “…the pre-eminent ambassador for traditional Chinese music in the U.S.” by the Wall Street Journal, Wu Man has long been recognized as the world’s finest player of this ancient lute-like Chinese instrument.

Wu Man has carved out a career as a soloist, educator, and composer giving the pipa—which has a history of over 2,000 years in China—a new role in both traditional and contemporary music.  Her projects have found a place for the pipa in new solo and quartet works, concertos, opera, chamber, electronic, and jazz music as well as in theater productions, film, dance, and collaborations with visual artists including calligraphers and painters.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover Wu Man’s astonishing talent and exceptional inventiveness.

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