2018-2019 SEASON

Welcome to the Center for the Art of Performance!

The PASSPORT program is a series of amazing performing arts events on the CAP UCLA 2018-2019 season. As a PASSPORT member you can also participate in art-making activities, interact with artists and CAP UCLA staff, and connect with other students who are passionate about the arts.

How Does It Work?

Becoming a member costs $20, and you will receive two tickets to five performances on the season (two in Fall and Winter quarters, and one in Spring). We call these five shows, Anchor Destinations. These five shows will be loaded onto your Bruin Card. Bring your BC with you to the theater on the night of the show. Check in at the PASSPORT Booth, we will swipe your card and give you the tix with your seat location. In addition to the five Anchor shows on the series, you can also pick two additional shows (Side Trips) each quarter for only $5 each! See the link below for full details on all the shows.

Passports are limited, and only available on a first-come-first-served basis. You can purchase your PASSPORT here!
Important Things To Know
  • You will get a reminder email before each show asking you to RSVP. In order to get an actual seat, you will need to RSVP by the deadline.
  • PASSPORT Check-In opens an hour before each performance. Remember to bring your Bruin Card, we need to swipe to verify it’s you.
  • You can choose 2 additional shows from the Side Trip list each quarter. When you RSVP to these shows, you will need to pay $5. The five Anchor shows are included in your $20 up-front cost.
  • Friends Fly Free! If you would like to bring a friend with you, RSVP for you and a guest. The limit on Friends Fly Free tickets is one per show, but the regular UCLA Student Ticket price is only $15. If you purchase a Side Trip show for $5, your friend comes for free: that’s two tix for only $2.50!
  • Join us before each Anchor destination to meet other members and learn a bit about the artists and the process. Ask for directions at Check-In. Throughout the year there will be bonus PASSPORT activities: art-making, talks, free food — watch your email for updates.
  • Not sure where the performance is, or how to get there? Details and directions will always be on the reminder email.
  • Have a burning question and need to speak to a human? Email Theo: theactor@arts.ucla.edu or Ivy: ivyhurwit@arts.uca.edu